Yang seungho dating websites

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Yang seungho dating websites

When Shin Joon-Young (Kim Woo-Bin) and No Eul (Bae Suzy) were children, they were separated and became heartbroken. Naturally the producers & directors always select the right actors for ea part. A child born out of wedlock who becomes a movie star, against his mother's well. It's terrible that after playing a character who suffers from terminal cancer, he was actually diagnosed with cancer. Although I didn't experience it but I feel her sadness and concern for woo bin. I think if the director had chosen a more mature and talented actress for the role the drama would be phenomenal. Also what I liked about this is it has definite plot so you know what to anticipate.

He needs to heal fast because I’m in need of his dramas!! It was so sad to hear that he was diagnosed with cancer right after the drama ended :( I don't understand why this drama is 86%. Good acting I've never cried sooo much.i think I'll have to watch it again oh yhh dont forget good of those under ate dramas Awe this drama is just simply loveable, heartfelt drama. For me who first time to watch this series, I really loved it. I'm super attached to the story and the character of Bae Suzy. I never could tell the difference between her laughing crying, being shocked, etc. yes the drama was sad but I didn't connect with it for the fact that her character did not show the correct emotions-and I usually cry easily- but I didnt cry a single tear in this drama because I couldn't connect.

If she can improve how to speak in term of intonation i'm sure she would be the actress to watch for because her emotion is DAEBAK applaus for Woo bin he did an AMAZING work! I suggest to watch it till the end, who knows miracle might occur......some times No eul character irritates me, what's she doing can't she see what he turn down just for her by the way welcome back LJE I suggest to watch it till the end, who knows miracle might occur......some times No eul character irritates me, what's she doing can't she see what he turn down just for her by the way welcome back LJE Love this drama so much. Now any conversation talking about the documentary or where Kim Woo Bin is a rich actor, that's the present. I don't care about the rating, i know, UF already stole people's heart with just the plot. I love Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy individually and they have great chemistry together.

Am I the only one who thought Haru was absolutely horrible? So just pay attention to their positions when they talk and you'll get it. And i know that this drama will be famous in other countries. This is one of the first dramas that I have not binge-watched, and I have to tell you that it is killing me to wait for next week (: I don't know how I would wait until the series is over in September, but I am thinking about trying to get interested in other dramas until then.

yups the story might be overused in other drama but still this drama is well written and the actors did AMAZING work i guess. yes, it is quite heartwrenching watching him in each episode but that what attracted me to watch this drama. It's worth to watch not just because of the characters but with the plot its self. :) I don't understand people from korea, i think this drama is better than descendents of the sun and the ratings are not good... i've watched until episode 4 and i love this drama. If you listen to the dialogue and watch what's happening in the story, then you can understand which is which.Hoping for Woobin's speedy recovery I started to watched this Korean Drama last 16th of June after worked up until yesterday, 21st in AM. I always asked my self, why the leading man left her leading lady. Even I'm not his fan but hope his get better soon.. Love u so mch......i really cried vry mch seeing tis drama...i love d character of choi ji tae.ya awesome drama.. Spoilers a head .everything is just perfect in this drama but bark Suzy..m every much disappointed. I didn't even feel c was that much serious to give her father Justice as much as won bin wanted.. No hard feelings but her acting was not up to the mark.bin was bang. It's a great drama to watch when you want to see something without having to pay too much attention to detail. So I read that they are saying that IF this drama is not doing good is because of Suzy...seriously? The leads are not bad but drama needs more from them especially as it develops.I loved Korean Drama ever since because it has a different way of affecting viewers emotions, different twist of story especially this one. It really brokes my heart until now everytime I played the Golden Love and Little Braver, one of the OST of this drama. Throughout the drama c kept her idol image and straight face.bin was dying and I didn't see any kind of sadness except for tears..! Currently watching UF, I'm on episode 4 and I'm super satisfied w/ this drama. And I'm beginning to like Bae Suzy (this is the 1st time I saw her drama). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this drama..even I was a little "turned off" when, on the 1st episode, I hear that HE is dying....so, I think Suzy is acting pretty good...actually, better than that, she is AWESOME..of course, "you" have to blame someone, why don't you blame the writers..don't start a drama with a horrible ending..least..is my opinion...still...it and will continue to watch it till the end... Right now second leads are doing more in terms of acting. i also dont get it when people say this drama is confusing. everything was shown correctly and beautifully, i think. the flashback, the present, it is easy to differentiate the time frame of the drama. suzy and kim woo bin acting is okay and i get and totally in love with their chemistry.All she does is get angry, shout and threaten you with calling Daddy who is a famous prosecutor. Woo bin , Suzy thumbs up for your great this drama.please woo bin, Suzy come together next time with nomu nomu happy ending..love you both I love this drama..... The plot of the story is the best..the chemistry of kim woo bin and bae suzy is daebak....i like them so much...i hope woo bin and suzy will cast again in drama... Why the rating is so low, this is the best drama I've ever seen. I really love how Woobin and Suzy played their role here and I heard a lot of ppl hating Suzy's acting, Idk the reason why but I think she was really good. But all in all, I can say that it's a beautiful drama that has a variety of angst, heartbreak, love and forgiveness. UNCONTROLLABLY LOVE to this dramaa :"")) I loved every aspect of this drama. This drama also shows a glimpse of Suzy's character. They had me bawling my eyes out for the last three episodes. Congratulations to team UF, even with a sad ending, this is such a beautiful drama. this drama really moved my heart kim woo bin is such a great actor!! I seriously don't understand why this drama has low ratings. Amazing actors and actresses and the storyline is so realistic. Applause to the actors and actresses and all the production crew. He just think about himself, his desire, and he thinks he has right because he almost die. I dont know why people hate this drama , because i think this is a great a its never boring because there is always action and drama. But the problem that he is being so selfish with no eul because he now that he have a cancer and he have just 3 months to live , so confessing to her and trying to making her love him is wrong , she is going to be hurt badly when she nows about his illness . well infact, I liked it immediately just by reading the synopsis. I'm so looking forward to the rest of this drama series. People have the rights to state their dislike of a drama hence "freedom of speech". I am reading recap and skimming threw the episodes and I can not get myself to be immersed in it.As the daughter of an actual prosector, I found her conduct disgusting. Hope to see more kdramas like this one in the future! PS: Hi all, UF has one of the best OSTs ever since Dot S! I believe a certain level of maturity is needed to appreciate the beauty of this drama as this drama had stuck closely to its plot, and came to a realistic ending. Thank you to the production, writers and actors especially Kim Woo Bin's acting which really got to the core of my heart. This drama is so heartbreaking, Been watching from start to finish of the final episode, I was choking then crying, huhuhu. I dont know why the rating very low..who cares about rating.. Really...hands down....knows how to touch on the feels. He caused her accident, he is son of that prosecutor, and he knows his live is not long. What is appealing about a dying leading man and a childish ranting I never got over him leading lady? The story is so blah basic same old story there is no mystery to what's next. I love the interaction between no eul and Joon young's mother. Well i dont mind that the ratings are going down i will never drop this drama. I want to now about your opinion guys I love the genre.story.casts.writer.. N btw, i dont think suzy's acting is bad..thats how the writer want the character looks like.. Because I like Woo Bin a lot and I done like nor dislike Suzy. Which why it's great to see other people who also share the thought. Waaaaah i so love this drama ~ this will rock k-drama eventually ~ it's full of myteries and love ..

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Damn she did an AMAZING job actually even she is not great at acting compare to the other A-list actress but i thought she did good and i dont see anything to be blamed for! and this compliment is from me who really hate to see idol's acting in this drama. I have been wacthing so many drama, but not many drama make me excited to watch it every week. the writers just killed the drama for me, I'm glad I read the comments before watching, I was expecting Woo Bin first lead but it's so lame I won't see it :( I love episode 5 so much that i want to watch and watch it..emotions in this episode are so high but can't say the same thing for episode 6.. Then the show said 5 years later they meet up again. GBU So far this drama is quite intriguing, although a bit repetitive in a few places-- I'm hoping that will improve.

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