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Chief among the sacred edifices of Bologna is the cathedral, dedicated to St.

From 1153 it was ruled by podestas, who were for most part foreigners.Later it fell into the hands of the Boii, a Gallic tribe, and from that time took the name of Bononia, whence the present form.The regions round about having been laid waste by the continual wars, in 189 B. the Romans established a colony thee, which was enlarged and beautified by Augustus.ARCHDIOCESE OF BOLOGNA Bologna is the principal city in the province of the same name, Italy, and contains about 150,000 inhabitants.It was founded by the Etruscans, who called it Felsina.

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In the fourteenth century the preponderance of power was in the hands of the Pepoli family, but later passed to the Visconti of Milan, who alternated with the Bentivoglio family in holding the reins of power.