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Jingwu online dating

In economic theory, physical capital is one of the three primary factors of production, also known as inputs in the production function.The others are natural resources (including land), and labor — the stock of competences embodied in the labor force.The Ji River disappeared in 1852 when the Yellow River changed its course northwards and took over its bed.The current pronunciation of the character "Ji" with the third tone ("jǐ") was established in the late 1970s.

In 685 BCE, the state of Qi started to build the Great Wall of Qi( During the times of the Han dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE), Jinan was the capital of the Kingdom of Jibei (济北国/濟北國; pinyin: Jǐbĕi Guó) and evolved into the cultural and economic hub of the region.

The Han dynasty tomb where the last king of Jibei, Liú Kuān (刘宽/劉寬), was buried at Shuangru Mountain was excavated by archaeologists from Shandong University in 19.

His son, Cao Pi, overthrew the last emperor of the Han and founded the Wei Kingdom (220 – 265 CE) of the Three Kingdoms Period.

The area of present-day Jinan has been inhabited for more than 4000 years.

The Neolithic Longshan Culture was first discovered at the Chéngzǐyá () site to the east of Jinan (Zhangqiu City) in 1928.

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After Jinan came under control of the Jin dynasty, both Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji had to abandon their homes and reflected this experience in their works.