Dating someone in same profession

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Some of them will need to register and login before they can participate, and I'll like to implore them to take those steps. An anonymous visitor dropped this message for eniolatj:[I]"... It is more interesting and fun if both are in different profession.2.

if the wife outpaces the husband academically it might cause trouble in some homes.

You can imagine a situation whereby a wife is being promoted to a position where her husband would have to report to her everyday. we'll talk each-other to death for one and we'll forever argue for another.

And if the wife happens to be the rude type, I am very sure at the slightest provocation, she would not hesitate the remind her husband of that fact. Would you rather destroy your home because of your work? However, it might actually be interesting as you share another common passion; your career.

/ Sex Secrets Of Nigerian Wife In The US Uploaded To Youtube (1) (2) (3) (4) To my own level of understanding, it's not good for husband and wife to be in the same profession.

It has many disadvantages for example, If the husband is an Accountant and the wife also an Accountant, they will have not enough time to stay with their children and this may have negative impact on the children.

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Let's take for example the case of a husband and wife that are both legal practitioners, and there was a case that involved two of them.

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