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Although an earlier study by Emmanuel Sivan addressed some of the issues, Hillenbrand’s scholarship has taken the study of the crusades from an Islamic perspective to an entirely new level.Norman Housley, , Oxford This is the largest of the many heavyweight tomes by the leading historian of the later crusades.Nicholson – at Cardiff University (added September 27, 2017) Edward Peters– at University of Pennsylvania (added July 27, 2017) Matthew Phillips– at Concordia University, Nebraska (added July 27, 2017) Jay Rubenstein-at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (added July 27, 2017) Iris Shagrir– at The Open University of Israel (added August 21, 2017) David L.

Towards the end of his life it was re-issued in a revised edition. Jordan, Princeton This offers a stimulating approach to the way that crusading could affect the structure of politics and society within the European kingdoms.

Another example of dealing with a long-neglected topic.

How was the Bible used to justify and contextualize crusading? How to Plan a Crusade: Reason and Religious War in th e HIgh Middle Ages (2015).

It’s a pity that most of them do not know the works published in another language than English: French, Italian, German, Spanish historiography on the Crusades are generally not known. 1997: a brilliant overview which uses sources and literature in various languages and is mindful of the impact of theses crusades on Northern societies. DEMURGER, “Les chevaliers du Christ”, Paris 2002: a complete analysis of the religious-military orders, which takes into account the most modern researches in a very legible edition. HILLENBRAND, “The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives”, Edinburgh 1999: according to Claude Cahen’s remark, one cannot study the crusades without a knowledge of the interactions between islam and christendom at the time of the crusades. PRAWER, “Histoire du royaume latin de Jérusalem”, 2 vol., Paris 1970-1971: at the origin of the Israeli school of crusade historians, Prawer published this masterpiece after a pioneering research on all the aspects of crusading and their effect on the structures of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem. RICHARD, “Histoire des Croisades”, Paris 1995: the most recent synthesis in French about the expeditions and the structures of the Latin States in Syria-Palestine. The seminal work on crusade preaching, which inspired much of my own research. Invisible Weapons: Liturgy and the Making of Crusade Ideology (Cornell, 2017).

Updates Amnon Lindner’s classic volume on the liturgy of the crusades and represents new directions in crusade historiography. The Uses of the Bible in Crusader Sources (Brill, 2017).

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Most of these books were written several decades ago, taking one back to an era when a small group of scholars, well-known to one another, dominated the study of the crusades and the Latin East; and I did not have space for excellent books by Hans Mayer and Jean Richard, who were also close to Prawer, Smail and Riley-Smith. And Runciman has been the starting-point for many of those who have become interested in the crusades, through the clarity (at the price of over-simplification) of his books, and the direction of his narrative, which excludes whole areas of crusading and whole periods.

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